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Consultancy and training in social care


The Risk Model

The Risk Model is an organisational framework to provide assurance about thresholds of state intervention in the private lives of families. Awarded a Social Care Accolade in 2011. Adopted in a number of Authorities in England and Wales is has alsoo been adapted for use in Family Justice and Early Intervention. 

Contact Bruce to find out how the Risk Model can provide a whole organisation risk managment framework as well as the capability of individual practitioners. 


Bruce Thornton believes organisations improve practice by investing in developing front line practitioners.  Over the years he has worked with practitioners across severlal organisations, working at practitioner pace individually and in small groups.


Contact Bruce to discuss how he may be able to help you stabilise and develop your workforce.    


Bruce Thornton provides training in the areas of Children Services assessment, risk assessment and planning.  Also as part of the Risk Model he has developed tools and training products in the areas of highly specialised assessment.


Contact Bruce to discuss how he can develop your assessment, analysis and planning capability. 


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Bruce Thornton provides consultancy to organisations in a range of business areas.  Often called to provide intervention in 'turnaround' projects following critical inspections.


Contact Bruce to crlarify your business needs and how he may be able to support you in this work.

Bruce Thornton


Bruce Thornton is a social care consultant and trainer. He is a registered social worker with over 40 years’ experience.  He specialises in Children’s Social Care and is best known for his development of the Risk Model

We wanted to make sure we were going to get it right; so we searched for the best, got in the expert’s expert to guide us through this impossible area of practice."

Senior Manager - SafeguardingManager, 

‘Bruce has worked with my team. He’s mentored me, helping me develop my skills and confidence. He provided us all training. Staff trust him.  He really understands the reality of work in front line child protection. His approach is easy for us to understand and use.”   

Team Manager, Child Protection

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