Outcome Based Planning

How do we make our plans more ‘outcome focussed?’

‘Outcome Based Planning’ is an approach to the development of individual plans for children. It is the result of assessment, analysis and the identification of needs. The skills in identifying needs and outcomes is a practice skill that can be developed through training, mentoring and supervision. It is best integrated into practice as a service wide initiative.

Developed originally for social work, this approach has been implemented across the range of needs, services and across sectors.

‘Outcome Base Planning’ can be developed in assessments and plans for

  • safeguarding
  • children in need
  • ‘Team around the child/family’
  • universal services (such as health or education)

Examples of courses we have delivered include:

Outcome Based Planning

  • in child protection
  • for children in need
  • for Local Children Safeguarding Boards
  • in multiagency settings
  • in community health services

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Please see our
resources page for examples of plans, using the 6 Lens Model© for undertaking an analysis and using the 3 Step Model© to write a statement of need.