Bruce Thornton provides a range of services to the social care, health, voluntary and independent sector. Working with associates to provide a wide range of interventions.

Consultancy services can be arranged according to client needs. These range from brief interventions to significant change programmes. Please
contact us to discuss your requirements.

Service development range from mentoring individual workers or managers to develop their capacity, working with teams, whole services or across multi agency partnerships. Further information is available
here. Please contact us to explore ways we can support your developments.

Training and facilitation can be delivered within a service or across agencies and partnerships. Training programmes can be developed to meet specific needs of an organisation or selected from the range of Bruce Thornton courses. Please explore courses

The Risk Model and Assessment Tools is the specialist product developed by Bruce Thornton. The Risk Model can be supplied to organisations in various ways. Some organisations have selected manager briefings and pilot programmes as a way of introducing the model. They have subsequently developed internal capacity to roll-out across the whole service, using Bruce Thornton as an external advisor. Further information is available
here. To request a manager briefing session or meeting to discuss your needs, please contact us.