Screening with Risk 1

Risk 1 is a screening question that can be applied to all cases.

One of the limitations of current Child Protection practice is that it is often dependent on an initial trigger event. This trigger includes incidents in casework, new information about an open case or concerns by other agencies. However, in cases of long term neglect, workers often develop a high threshold for low level multiple incidents, incident patterns and multiple information from external agencies. The risk of significant harm model was designed to screen cases on a regular basis to avoid the need for such a trigger.

The Risk Model provides the best safeguarding arrangements when all social work cases are routinely screened using the Stage 1 Risk Assessment. This prompts a decision about significant harm at regular points.

Stage 1 proved to be most effective in practice when applied in case supervision. Supervision is a regular part of social work practice within organisations and the screening process can therefore be easily integrated into current practice.

Where concerns about significant harm are indicated, a detailed risk assessment can be undertaken using the
Stage 2 Risk Assessment.

For information about using Stage 2 Risk Assessment for risk assessment please click here.