How can I access it?

The Risk Model© includes 2
Risk Tools and over 30 Specialist Assessment Tools as an integrated framework. It is based on the principles of screening all cases routinely, with a framework to support further risk assessment and specialist assessments in specific areas. It promotes safeguarding as an integrated model, and Bruce Thornton wishes to support it’s wide dissemination in order to realise the safeguarding benefits at a strategic UK level.

The Risk Model© is copyrighted to ensure its appropriate implementation. Organisations, consultant or trainers wishing to access or use the materials in any way must seek written permission.
The minimum requirement is that organisations are informed of the underpinning principles of the Risk Model, and undertake to implement the model in a way that maintains its integrity.

Organisations who have successfully implemented the Risk Model have made use of some of the implementation services available. They have also invested in the development of internal capacity to ensure the benefits are fully realised by the organisation and that this is also sustainable.

Implementation services include:

  • Providing a half day Manager’s Briefing to introduce the Risk Model and explore options for the organisation to implement the model.

  • Facilitate a pilot of the Risk Model in one or more teams through one day skills training in Risk Assessment. Provide follow up workshops to embed practice and develop capability, undertake evaluation and provide recommendations for wider roll out. Provide access to the Risk Tools and Specialist Assessment Tools for use by the organisation.

  • Undertake a whole service roll-out through the provision of skills training, developing internal “champions” who can mentor and supervise the practice of workers as part of building capability. Provide access to the Risk Tools and Specialist Assessment Tools for use by the organisation.