This section includes further information and examples of materials.

Further information

“Introduction to the Risk Model” presents an overview of the Risk Model.

“Help with finding the right tool” provides a list of the Specialist Assessment Tool resources, structured according to the domains of the Assessment Framework and areas of specialist need.

Examples of risk assessment tools, specialist assessment tools and training material

Examples of the Risk Assessment tool and the Significant Harm Supplement for a fictitious case study of Stanley.

As part of considering the significance of harm, the issue of parental motivation and capacity to change may be a critical specialist areas for further exploration. The three tools of the Change Model are presented as a Case Study.
“The 7 Steps of pre contemplation” establish whether of the parent is ready to commit to change. Tool B, “The Continuum of Motivation” evaluates whether there is sufficient internal motivation in order for the change to be sustained. The third tool in the Change Model is used as a Change Checklist to evaluate a parent’s progress as they change. This creates the conversation about change with the parents and manages their progress.

Other training materials provide a
Child Protection Plan for the Case Study, derived from the processes of analysing information in the assessment and identifying the child’s needs. The 6 Lens Model© has been developed to promote development of analysis skills. The 3 Step Model provides a structure to develop statements of need.

Introduction to the Risk Model

Help with finding the right tool

R2 Risk Assessment Tool

R2 Risk Assessment Supplement

Change A - 7 Steps of Pre-contemplation

Change B - Continuum of motivation

Change C - Change Checklist

Child Protection Plan

6 Lens Model for undertaking an analysis

3 Step Model to write a statement of need